• GOODEAL - 大熱瑜珈褲 |下體不現形5個選購要點 附推薦品牌

    GOODEAL - 大熱瑜珈褲 |下體不現形5個選購要點 附推薦品牌
  • Bunnymate @ Beyond Women Fest 2022

    現時大多女性開始注重自身健康,運動同飲食成為兩大重要素,其中運動用品及食物嘅材料、做法都同健康息息相關。 舒適合身嘅運動服飾可以為運動嘅女性加一把力,減少受傷嘅機會,健康優質嘅食材可以減少疾病嘅形成,甚至加強免疫力及體力,環環緊扣。即將於6月Summer Chill Relax Marke...
  • Interview @ Growth Suite

    How was born? How did you start?

    COVID-19 stokes interest in the health and fitness and activewear market keeps growing. People are craving comfortable clothes. But high-quality leggings like Lululemon cost at least USD 100. In the past year, I 've tried hundreds of leggings to see how they compare to Lululemon's. I also obtained hundreds of fabric samples from major fabric vendors. The workmanship is identical and I am sure that our supply chain could develop first-class fabrics and workmanship.

  • Bunnymate @ 荃灣廣場-山系YAMA市集