Our Story

COVID-19 stokes interest in the health and fitness and activewear market keeps growing. People are craving  comfortable clothes. But high-quality  leggings like Lululemon cost at least USD 100. Is it worth the high price tag? Is it due to its high manufacturing costs?

On top of the high production costs, most of the money is spent on marketing. They use popular social media influencers and collaborate with globally recognized celebrities to promote its apparel. Also, their large retail network is no mean feat and definitely requires a lot of money.


The answer is YES!


In the past year, I 've tried hundreds of leggings to see how they compare to Lululemon's. I also obtained hundreds of fabric samples from major fabric vendors. The workmanship is identical and I am sure that our supply chain could develop first-class fabrics and workmanship.


We want to offer lower prices and high-quality yoga apparel. This is why we've been devoting our blood, sweat and tears to making the proper try of leggings to form the foremost of each chance.

To make it work,  I would like to get support for purchasing materials and production. This includes final workings with work models to assure a wonderful final fit, color & size corrections, and precise markers for waste-free material cutting.


When we dream alone it is only a dream, but when many dream together it is the beginning of a new reality.”― Friedensreich Hundertwasser


Live like a bunny, lovely and comfy. 💛